If saving money on car insurance is your goal, then the best place to start is to compare prices from as many insurers as possible. Online quotes are fast and easy, usually only taking a few minutes, but can save you 45% or more on your auto insurance premiums every year.

There is no magic method to determine which compay will save you the most money. The only way to know which company is cheapest in your area and for your situation is to get a price quote direct from each provider.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates by Make

We make it easy to narrow the choices down to the few companies that offer the best deal. Simply begin by choosing the make of your car, truck or SUV below.


Be a Smart Auto Insurance Shopper

There are many factors that influence the rates you pay for coverage. Smart shoppers take the time to compare as many rates as possible because there are many companies that sell insurance in your area.

What Affects the Price of Your Coverage?

The factors below are a partial list of things that you may or may not realize impact the price you page for insurance.

  • How many tickets you have recieved
  • Your credit history and rating
  • Whether or not you own your home
  • If you are single or married
  • How many claims you have had in the past
  • The severity of past claims
  • The number of miles you drive each day
  • How you use your vehicles

There are a myriad of other things that can raise or lower your rates, so that's why it can be so hard to determine which company will offer you the best price. Take a look at our guide to buying car insurance online for more helpful tips.