Insuring a Camper on your Car Insurance Policy

Can I insure my new fifth-wheel camper on my car insurance policy? Or do I need a special camper or RV policy?

Which way you insure your new camper depends on the company you have your car insured with. Some companies allow you to insure your camper on your auto policy, while others may require you to get a new recreational vehicle policy.

If your company allows you to insure your camper on your auto policy, you probably won't be charged for liability coverage because on a personal auto policy, liability extends from the towing vehicle. So as long as your camper is hitched to the towing pickup, then you have liability coverage.

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However, if you want liability coverage while the camper is unhitched such as at a campground or in off-season storage, you might want to see if your homeowners or renters policy extends coverage, or you may be able to buy this extra coverage as an endorsement to an RV policy from many companies.

You can purchase comprehensive and collision coverage just as with your car, and you can select your deductible separately from your other vehicle's deductibles. Your company may ask specific questions about your camper such as how many slides, if it is constructed of fiberglass or aluminum, the length of the camper, if it is a pull-behind or fifth-wheel and whether there is a lienholder or finance company.

Insuring a camper usually doesn't cost a great deal of premium, but it's a good idea to find out how you need to insure it before you go pick it up. Chances are you will be travelling somewhere to take possession of your camper, so make sure you have coverage in place prior to hooking up to the camper.

Inexperienced drivers who have never pulled a camper before are more prone to accidents such as misjudging overhead clearance, so if you have never pulled a camper, that's another excellent reason to be insured before putting your truck in drive.

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