How do I find cheap Ford F-150 insurance rates?

I have a Ford F-150 and just got my State Farm policy renewal. My rates went up over 10% and I didn't have any accidents or claims. How can I find cheaper F-150 insurance rates?

You're not the only one trying to find lower insurance rates for your F-150 truck. A lot of people are finding out that rates have crept up for one reason or another.

Generally, rates stay pretty constant at policy renewal but there can be some factors and events that can drive up rates.

What causes F-150 insurance rates to rise?

  • Change in driver assignment - Take a look at your policy declarations page and see if all vehicles have the correct driver assigned to it. If your F-150 got re-rated with a driver with a higher risk profile the premiums will be higher. Not all companies assign specific drivers to vehicles, however.
  • Accidents and claims - Did you have an at-fault accident or claim during the last policy term? Those will drive up F-150 premiums faster than any other single factor.
  • Speeding tickets and traffic violations - If you received a traffic citation in the last 3 years you will be paying higher insurance rates. Severe infractions like reckless driving and DUI will result in massive rate hikes or even a policy non-renewal.
  • Drop in credit rating - All insurance companies use your credit rating to help predict the likelihood of having a claim. Statistics show that people with higher credit ratings are less likely to have a car insurance claim. Better credit scores will result in cheaper insurance rates on a Ford F-150.
  • Company rate adjustments - Occassionally car insurance companies adjust their rates based on their loss ratios. If they have a period of excessive claims paid out, companies will need to increase rates in order to maintain profitability. If claims are low for an extended period, insured may see cheaper auto insurance rates at renewal.

There are a lot of other factors that can cause raise to rise, but those are a few of the main ones. Now that you have an idea of what may have caused your insurance rates to increase, let's talk about ways you can find lower insurance rates on a Ford F-150.

How to find cheaper Ford F-150 insurance rates

There are many auto insurance companies who will insure your truck but the trick is to find the one that is offering the cheapest premiums for coverage.

All the largest companies, both traditional and online, will gladly give you a quote for coverage. A partial list of those companies with links to their auto insurance quote pages is below:

You could spend a ton of time trying to find the cheapest rate quote by getting comparisons one at a time from each company, but there is a better way.

Compare Ford F-150 coverage rates easily

You can compare F-150 insurance rate quotes from many different companies by only completing one form. Click here to open the form in a new window. Your only have to enter your zip code and a small amount of coverage information and it is sent to many of the top insurers in your area and they provide you with direct rates that can save money.

This saves time and could even save you up to 45% or more on your next policy. So the next time you find that your F-150 rates are going up, try this technique to compare rate quotes very quickly. You just might find that getting lower rates is easier than you think.

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