Is my car covered while in the repair shop?

I had my car in the repair shop and when the mechanic took it for a test drive he backed into a telephone pole. Does my car insurance cover this?

You mechanic will not only need a new pair of glasses so he can see where he's going, he'll also need to file a claim on his garage policy. Your personal car insurance will not cover the dent in your bumper due to a restriction called "no benefit to bailee".

A bailee, in simplified terms, is anyone who has possession of your car for the purpose of fixing it. You are the bailor and the mechanic shop is the bailee. The implied contract between you was the shop would fix your car in return for your payment. This is called a bailment.

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In your case, your car insurance company will deny coverage because the repair shop was a negligent bailee. The repair shop will have to file a claim on their business insurance (a garage policy) and have your car repaired under their garagekeepers coverage. This is the coverage that pays for damage to customer's vehicles when in the garage's care. Even if they have the type of garagekeepers coverage that only pays if they are legally liable, you should have a valid claim.

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