Is theft covered by car insurance if I leave my keys in my car?

I left my keys in my car's ignition and the doors unlocked. The car was stolen and wrecked. Will my car insurance pay even though I left the keys in my car?

As long as your car insurance company's policy doesn't stray too far from a standard ISO policy form, you will be covered for the theft of your car. Theft is a covered peril regardless of whether you made it easier for the theft to occur, in this case leaving your keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

Insurance companies use their choice of policy forms that may have slightly differing language. If your carrier's auto policy includes language that excludes coverage for theft unless there is evidence of forcible entry or violation of the steering column, then you may have an issue with this claim. Most companies do not restrict coverage in this way, and if your's does, it's time to find a new car insurance company.

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