Moving out-of-state and finding a new insurance agent

I'm moving out-of-state and wanted to keep my current insurance agent. What regulations determine if I can keep my current car insurance agent or if I have to find a new one?

There are several things that may determine if you can keep your current agent or if you will need to find a new one. The obvious first step is to just ask your current agent if he can write car insurance in your new resident state. There are several levels of licensing that may restrict your agent from writing car insurance in multiple states.

First, the agent must be licensed as a non-resident producer in your new state. This allows the agent himself to be licensed by the state insurance department of your new state. Second, the actual agency that employs the agent may be required to be licensed in the new state. Third, the actual insurance company that insures your car must be admitted to write car insurance in your new state. If your agent, his agency, and your current insurance company all fulfill these requirements, then the chances are good that you will be able to retain your current insurance agent in your new state.

But if one link in the chain is broken, you will probably need to look for a new insurance agent. If the weak link is the actual company that insures your cars, then you may still be able to work with your old agent, just with a new car insurance company. Again, the first place to check is with your current agent. They should be well aware which states they are licensed to write coverage in.

If your current agent cannot write car insurance in your new state, you can find a new car insurance agent quickly simply by entering your new residence zip code below and getting a fast, free comparison quote from agents in your new location.

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