How many free car insurance quotes do I need to compare?

Are car insurance quotes free? How many do I need to get a good price comparison?

Some people say you don't get anything for free anymore, but you can still get free car insurance quotes! There are many auto insurance companies in the marketplace, and they would all like to have you as their customer. That's why it's always free to get quotes on your car insurance coverages, and the more you get the lower your price could be.

There are several different ways to buy auto insurance today. You can buy it from a local agent, online through a direct writer or even a combination of the two where you buy from an agent who writes with a direct writer. How you prefer to purchase car insurance is entirely up to you. If you want the professional guidance of an agent, great! If you're the do-it-yourself type, then by all means buy your coverage online.

The key thing to remember about car insurance quotes is the more you get, the more you save! Unless, of course, you get your first quote from the lowest cost car insurance company in your area. Then obviously everything else will be uphill from there. But you won't know which quote is cheapest until you have a large number of quotes to compare.

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